WINDSOR, ONT. -- Local drag-racing enthusiasts are hoping to see the return of an officially sanctioned drag strip in the Rose City.

An online petition was started by Giuseppe Prestia and supported by Jim Pollier – local custom car builder and retired professional drag-racer.

The poll is gaining traction.

Prestia and Pollier maintain that to have such a facility in Windsor – the automotive capital of Canada – would be an attraction. The love of cars – in general – in the region, is well known.

In addition, the track could help greatly decrease the issue of illegal street-racing and other criminal offences related to underground racing scene in southern Ontario.

"It would be a feature attraction in my eyes. So, you could have everything from swap-meets, car shows - you could even set-up a small drive-in, so there's so many other things that could go on in this venue,” said Pollier.

The Windsor area has a racing history – the once popular Checker Flag International Speedway was popular before it closed in 1992.

jim pollier card

The hope this time around is to gain overwhelming support by locals online and to create a concrete proposal for the city of Windsor to evaluate.

According to Prestia and Pollier, their plan for a dragstrip would not cost the city.

There is potential for a group of private investors to dig deep into their pockets.

However, there would be a number of hurdles to overcome in addition to funding a multi-million-dollar facility. Zoning laws and liability insurance would be critical factors to address.

They hope that the mayor and city council are open to the possibility.

Other municipalities in southwestern Ontario are a possibility for consideration, too.

For Pollier, such a venue should be geared towards families – children especially.

Moreover, to accentuate its year-round viability – a multi-use format in its design should be paramount, if it were to come to fruition.

“You could even have - you could even have a year-round coffee shop, ice cream shop, restaurant type deal on the property that keeps people coming and going year-round,” said Pollier.