At least one councillor in the Town of Essex has had enough of the fighting around the council table.

Bill Caixeiro admits to being frustrated by the dispute between Mayor Ron McDermott and Councillor Randy Voakes.

The two members had another verbal war less than half an hour into Monday night’s meeting.

It happened during a debate about a motion made by Councillor Voakes about the cost of the ongoing library strike. After an exchange of words and a warning, the Mayor kicked Voakes out of the meeting. He refused and a 25 minute recess was called.

This follows a report by the Integrity Commissioner last month, which reprimanded Voakes for his poor behavior.

Essex CAO Tracey Pillon-Abbs thinks the situation was handled well. She says the recess gave administration a chance to review the town's procedural bylaw with both men.  Voakes apologized when the meeting resumed.

Caixeiro tells CTV Windsor if things do not change in the Council chambers, he will call it quits at the end of this term.

He believes the ongoing disruptions have put a black mark on the entire council, and a job he takes very seriously.

Caixeiro admits the troubles plaguing council could eventually cause some members to make rash, uninformed decisions.

But Caixeiro believes work is getting done, and council is moving forward on many important issues.

Pillon-Abbs feels council members are slowly rebuilding relationships, and Monday was a prime example.  She points to the fact 12 separate items were dealt with in the meeting.

The CAO adds she has total faith in the current council.