One year later, the pain of this family's loss is still very deep.

Memories are all that's left to remember Aja Chandler, a bright, funny, and popular 11-year-old, who loved soccer and playing with friends and family.

Friday marks the one year anniversary of Aja’s death – a victim of the so-called ‘choking game’. The Chandlers have been open and honest about what happened, and to raise awareness in the hope of preventing similar deaths.

Inside Aja’s room, her spirit is alive.

“We come here all the time. This is a nice spot for us to come and think about her and look at her pictures and enjoy our memories of her, the best we can,” Aja’s father Joe says.

Her light has not been turned off and her room remains untouched. Just the way she left it.  On her bed the soccer uniform she was set to wear in an upcoming tournament.  She never got the chance.

“It was the worst thing a father could ever go through,” he says.

“She was my daughter. It's hard when I see other moms and their girls. I see Aja and... so it's hard,” Aja’s mother says.

Sophia chandler had Aja’s name tattooed inside her wrist, a constant reminder of her little girl.  She says she's going to miss Aja’s major milestones.

“I have to stop myself. I know it's not going to happen.”