A 47-year-old man has died and three Windsor police officers were taken to hospital after an explosion and fire on Ford Boulevard.

The SIU was called in to investigate.

When police arrived on scene, the house at 1022 Ford Blvd. was already on fire. The SIU says there was a brief interaction with a man inside the house.

Fire crews arrived on scene around 4 a.m. They were met with an engulfed garage and additional units were called in to help battle the fire.  Firefighters managed to put out the blaze.

Windsor police say the three officers were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation and released.

Officials say the man was pulled from the fire and taken to hospital along with the three police officers.

Despite what Windsor police are calling some “valiant” efforts by officers, the man succumbed to their injuries.

Residents in the 1000 block of Ford Boulevard were shocked and saddened by the fire.

“The explosion, I kind of heard it, but like I said, the dogs woke me up," said neighbour Rick Brace.

“When I first looked out the window the garage was mostly in flames you could see the flames coming through the trees. You could see all the flames in front of the garage. There was an awning on front of the garage you could see that was engulfed in flames."

Sgt Matt D'Asti says Windsor police are liaising with the SIU.

Some neighbours were woken up, when police arrived early this morning.

“Strobing lights were lighting up the living room, so I looked outside and there's police vehicles and fire vehicles," says neighbour Art Woods.

John Lee says he's done a preliminary investigation taking photographs of the scene and the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal attended the scene as well.

"We do have TSSA and Union Gas here on the scene to look at the gas service coming into the house to see if it's good or if there's any alterations to it."

Damage to 1022 Ford Blvd is estimated at $325,000, while the neighbouring home at 1028 suffered $20,000 in damages.