Good news for anyone taking an ambulance to a hospital in Windsor-Essex.

Off load delays are down significantly.

A first quarter report presented to Essex County Council on Wednesday night showed off-load delays are down by almost 7,000 hours compared to the same four month period last year.

That works out to about three more full-time ambulances on the road.

Essex Windsor EMS Chief Bruce Krauter attributes the time savings to a real-time situational dashboard they added last year.

“It allows us to work together as a collaborative on how we get our patients to the right place at the right time for the right care,” says Krauter. “They get the proper care and that's our ultimate goal is to reduce that burden not only on EMS but on the entire health care system.”

Krauter adds a lot of problems have been solved in partnership with Windsor Regional Hospital, Erie Shores Health Care and the Local Health Integration Network.

But Krauter adds there is still room for improvement.