A Windsor woman was worried when she arrived at work Tuesday morning to an odd smell.

Rhonda Tuer found out there was a gas leak at 2158 Continental Ave. after a line was struck.

"I'm like what is that smell. I smell rotten eggs."

There is heightened concern over gas leaks after seven people were injured after an alleged drunk driver hit a gas line at a London home causing a massive explosion last week.

Enbridge Gas spokesperson Leanne McNaughton says the cause of Tuesday’s leak in Windsor was construction. An excavator ruptured the gas line.

The company turned off the gas. First responders secured the area and implemented a safety zone as Enbridge Gas repairs the damage.

District fire Chief John Day says they made sure to do an evacuation of all the surrounding buildings and homes.

“We've been doing explosive level readings inside to make sure nothing has migrated into the indoors,” says Day. That's the thing with gas, you just never the when the right source of ignition hit it and it takes off."

The all clear was given three hours later and all people in four buildings that were evacuated were able to return.

"Anytime you have a situation with gas, they do has the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs that's been infused into the gas so it does make it noticeable,” says Day.

Brian Chauvin, operations manager for Enbridge says "I would say for the line hits we do respond to, the majority of these are instances where locates were not called for."

That is why officials want residents and contractors to call Ontario One Call, to locate any gas lines, electricity cables and water lines -- free of charge.

If you don't, and a gas leak happens, you could face thousands of dollars in fines, repairs and lawsuits.

"Not only do they have to deal with us, the Ontario One Call, the TSSA, the local gas company or whoever supplies the gas with charge for the repairs and then there is the potential for civil suits, if there is damage to neighbours properties or the municipality itself," says Ian Simpson, the director of education, marketing and compliance for Ontario One Call.