WINDSOR, ONT. -- As November kicks off, seasonal businesses in Windsor-Essex aren’t so “seasonal.”

For the first time in nine years, Urban Surf will be offering their services in November this weekend.

“We’ll have our paddle board rentals, Kayak rentals, we have these really sweet cruisers they’re like electric bikes,” says co-owner Danielle Chevalier.

The business typically winds down after Labour Day, with the exception of a couple pop up weekends in October.

But Chevalier says there is demand to open up, due to the above seasonal temperatures.

“People have been texting us all week saying like hey guys, it’s gonna be nice this weekend, hint, hint. People have been asking and passing by saying are you guys opening?” she says.

Thanks to the City of Windsor extending its patio bylaw, restaurants are hoping to bring back its summer vibe.

“I mean, we still have our palms outside,” says owner of Panache Michael Stojcic.

“If this would’ve been taken away November 1st like it was actually scheduled to be taken away we definitely would’ve been upset about it,” says Stojcic.

Golf’s booming season also continues.

Roseland Golf and Curling club has been booked solid all week, and that’s expected to carry through the weekend.

The course allows for 150 tee times per day.

“Usually we’re lucky if we can get into October. November is definitely a bonus for us and we haven’t seen that in many years,” says manager Dave Deluzio.

Deluzio tells CTV Windsor it’s been two decades since he’s seen golf courses in the area stay opened well into November.

“People are asking how long we will be opened for and we’re going to stay opened for as long as we can. Mother Nature is going to dictate the close date,” says Deluzio.