WINDSOR -- A Windsor mother and daughter say they decided to take matters into their own hands after noticing their stolen items were posted online.

Sabrina Fallone says their car got broken earlier this month and hundreds of dollars’ worth of gift cards were stolen.

The high school student and her mother Vita say they let police know, but decided they couldn't wait for the authorities.

“She told me, and I said we're getting the card back tonight," says Vita Fallone.

Lesson learned after Sabrina Fallone says she left her car unlocked one night and had her wallet, identification and christmas gift cards stolen, only to find some of the swiped items posted for sale on Facebook days later.

“The police told me that there was pretty much nothing they could do and that I was most likely not getting this gift card back and I told my mom that information and she looked at me and said let's go get it right now."

The Fallone’s say the credit cards were used within an hour of being stolen.

The bank forgave the charges because the stolen cards were quickly reported.

The Fallone's had receipts to match the gift cards and arranged a phony meeting to try and get them back.

"It was not safe at all," says Sabrina Fallone.

The duo says they called police again to advise them of their plan.

“He said well I hope we can dispatch somebody out for you and I says well I hope you can too because I'd like to have you there," says Vita Fallone.

The Fallone's meeting took place at a motel on Huron Church Road and both say they didn't feel safe.

Sabrina Fallone recorded the entire confrontation on her phone hidden in her pocket.

The suspect gave one of the gift cards back and left in a hurry, according to the Fallone's.

Then the mom and daughter went to the mall to buy another gift card, worried the one they just retrieved would be cancelled.

“At least 45 minutes after we were at the mall, the police officer called and told me he was at the location and I said it was a good thing it wasn't an emergency."

Windsor police won't comment on active investigations, but remind residents first of all to always lock it or lose it and to never take matters into your own hands, saying the risk is not worth your life.

"Do not put yourself it harms way,” says Sgt. Steve Betteridge. “I do not put a friend or neighbour or someone helping you in harm’s way. It is never worth it. Always report the matter to us and let us follow it up and do what we can to assist with our community."

Police say there are safe drop-off or pick-up zones available to arrange online purchases.

In hindsight, the Fallone's say they wouldn't have done what they did again, but also say they don't want to be targeted again.

"Confident that I'm going to get anything back and they're going to be found? Not really. I don't know how high it is on the priority list," says Sabrina Fallone.