WINDSOR, ONT. -- “My partner and I are on a mission to deliver food to those in need,” says Shawn Amerlinck.

Amerlinck and Michael-John Knoblauch spend their downtime preparing food and essentials for the homeless.

“There’s people out there suffering and we just want to help,” says Amerlinck.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to give back, especially at a time like this,” says Knoblauch.

Amerlinck says what started as a small gesture out of his own pocket has now caught the attention of many in the community.

“We’ve raised well over a thousand dollars and I think we’ve served at least 250-300 lunch bags by now,” says Amerlinck.

“We’ve put together some fresh vegetable packages, fruit and typically we put together sandwiches, but this week we have something special. We are bringing out hot pizza,” says Knoblauch.

Every Saturday, the pair fill their cars, making special deliveries to various downtown locations that serve the homeless community.

“It’s a blessing that this guy is taking time out of his day to come help the homeless people and the people struggling on the streets because it really is a struggle out here. I can’t thank him enough,” explains Corey Fostey.

“Trying to hang in there and the struggles and all this, then when you see people pull up and they give you food, it’s great,” says Joseph Doughty.

Amerlinck feels an obligation to give back.

“There was a time there was a dark place and by the time I paid all my bills it was really tough and it’s a scary place to be,” he says. “I’ve never been in their situation, but I can easily see how it could happen to that.

Their acts of kindness, now known as ‘Hearts for the Homeless’, will continue throughout the winter months.

“Nobody wants to be cold and hungry. That’s an awful feeling,” says Amerlinck.

“Any one of us could be out there,” says Knoblauch. “And to see the humanity inside of everyone out there and try to help them as much as possible.”