WINDSOR, ONT. -- Significant changes are in the works behind the scenes at Windsor’s Brentwood Recovery Home.

The Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has dissolved the Brentwood board and appointed a new supervisor to oversee a revision of the recovery home’s policies and procedures.

Mark Walton, a 30-year consultant to the public sector, has been brought in by the LHIN from the Toronto area to supervise the creation and implementation of a new set of administrative processes for the team at the recovery home.

Walton was appointed as health service provider and supervisor effective March 2.

The change comes after a review launched by the LHIN and Brentwood on Jan. 14.

Walton tells CTV News the concerns that arose from the review centre on procedural issues and stresses there aren’t any breaches of conduct or finances.

“There is no shady business,” says Walton. “First of all, I’d say what we are focused on is really taking some administrative and governance processes.”

Walton says the review found concerns with the way complaints were being handled at Brentwood. He adds, there was no specific complaint that triggered the review in January, but rather the unsatisfactory way with which the complaints were dealt.

One of the main objectives for Walton right now is to ensure people aren’t alarmed by the new supervision.

“We have no intent on closing Brentwood,” says Walton. “It’s our belief that Brentwood is an absolute required community resource that we want to support.”

Walton says the dissolution of the board is a necessary component of the process when a supervisor is brought in, but adds he will continue to consult the former board members to put together a new framework for the residential addiction service centre.

That process is expected to take four to six months.

While the process plays out, day-to-day operations at Brentwood will continue as usual.

Walton founded Mark Walton & Associates and was a Partner with KPMG's Adivsory Practice. Walton also led the healthcare services line for consulting firm Blackstone Partners.