Comedian Whitney Cummings says there’s one thing you won’t hear at her upcoming shows.

“I do not talk about politics at all," says Cummings.

Cummings  says American politics is all anyone ever talks about.

"I'd like everyone to know this is a good old-fashioned comedy show, no one is going to have a riot in the audience,” says Cummings. “No one is going to start fighting."

But news and current events are still a part if her stand-up routine.

"I'm sure I owe you guys a lot of apologies, I'm just going to start the show with apologizing for 10 minutes about the state of our country, how about that?" she joked.

Cummings says it will be her first time in Ontario when she performs at Caesars Windsor on Thursday night.

"There's a lot of confusion from dumb Americans about where Windsor is and whether it's in Canada or not,” she says. “Everyone is like 'No, it's Detroit.' I'm like 'No I don't think it is.'"

She plans to use Windsor and other tour stops over the next few months to decide what new material will go into her Netflix special.

"I'm basically going to cities that I haven't been to and running it to see if everybody likes it, what people laugh at, what people don't laugh at so I can type it up," says Cummings.

Cummings is also an actress, writer and director, but she says stand-up comedy is her favourite.

"I like going out, meeting people, performing, making people laugh that what I'm sort of born to do,” says Cummings. “So I'm back to just doing stand-up for a while."

Cummings hopes to film her Netflix special in March before working on other TV shows later this year.