Still no decision on the fate of 21 dogs seized from an alleged Tilbury dog fighting ring.

Thirty-one pitbull-type dogs were seized in an October bust in Chatham-Kent.

It's been nine months since Police and the Ontario SPCA swooped in on a rural property seizing more than two dozen dogs.

The matter is still before the courts as is an intervener application to save the dogs recommended for euthanization.

Inside a Chatham provincial courthouse Thursday, a closed door judicial pretrial.

Outside, passionate animal rights advocates protest the OSPCA’s application to euthanize 21 dogs seized from an alleged dog fighting ring.

Seven dogs are being rehabilitated. Three were euthanized in December for medical reasons and 21 others have euthanization applications before the court.

Some would like to see them get a third party assessment to see if they can in fact be rehabilitated.

Protesters say they will continue to advocate for the dogs.

Ken Marley, the lawyer for the accused in the alleged dog fight ring, believes that matter could last for another year yet.

The intervener status application will resume on August 25th.