WINDSOR, ONT. -- Officials in Chatham-Kent have suspended the beach bus route between Mitchell’s Bay and Erieau until further notice.

Known as Route S1, the specialty service was scheduled to resume May 22, but the municipality said it has been postponed due to the province’s stay-at-home order.

“Like a lot of things in COVID it doesn’t make a lot of sense,” says Chatham-Kent Councillor Trevor Thompson.

Thompson says he is disappointed and frustrated by the decision, noting inter-urban transit and city buses continue to operate.

“The bus itself obviously is safe,” Thompson explains, “but apparently what I’m being told, and I disagree is that, because this is a seasonal service, say a tourism service, that means it has to be cancelled.”

Thompson adds the service is valuable to the community and to those that utilize it.

“It’s an important service for the segment that uses it and it’s frustrating that these individuals who have used it in the past, it’s punitive, they won’t be able to take advantage of it for the next couple weeks.”

The municipality says further updates can be found at