It was the perfect wedding day for Mike and Jessica Myers, but then they unthinkable happened.

The couple celebrated in their backyard with family and friends this past Saturday.

"Everything was amazing. It was perfect," said Jessica Myers.

But just 24 hours later, a nightmare.

"There was no doubt they were going to get out of there. I was going to make sure of that," said Mike Myers.

When the couple were opening their gifts Sunday evening, Mike smelled burning plastic.

A fire broke up out in the couple’s home on Woodward Avenue.

“Then I opened the garage door and half the garage was up in flames and it was curling off the ceiling and everything already. So it was like time to go,” Mike said.

Windsor fire says the blaze started in the attached garage, then spread to the interior of the home.

The family of five was able to escape, but Myer's pets remained inside the house.

"He went back in to try and find the cats that we just got. He could only find the one, Ocean, it was a black cat. He got him out," Jessica says.

All of the animals made it out safely.

According to Windsor Fire, the structure sustained $225,000 in damage and the couple lost $100,000 in contents.

In the meantime, the family is staying with Jessica's mother until they receive more information from their insurance company.

"It's only a minor setback. Everybody's alive. It's only material things. So we'll get it."