Work on new trails for off-road cyclists in Windsor is expected to begin in six to eight weeks.

City officials held an open house at the WFCU Centre on Thursday night to give residents more information on the new pump track for Little River Corridor — meant for mountain biking, skateboarding or even scooters.

The design ideas for the new track have been well received by riders.

“I just like that they're actually incorporating a lot of different things like doubles triples, the burns look great,” said Jonathan Gignac, an off-road cyclist. “Good transfers, I mean of course it's all concept right now, but I know it'll get better.”

Along with the pump track, single-user trails will be established at both Malden Park and Little River Corridor Park.

The city’s efforts to build the new trails began after it demolished the unsanctioned track in Black Oaks Heritage Park that had been in use for a decade over liability concerns.