There is now more support for transgender residents in Essex County.

W.E. Trans Support has announced a satellite location in Leamington to provide faster and more accessible services for trans individuals.

The group has been offered space by the South Essex Community Council (SECC) to host monthly peer support group meetings to provide peer mentorship to individuals and their families.

“We believe that working in collaboration with other strong community organizations that we create access where individuals previously felt they could not access these supports,” Jayce Carver, executive director of W.E. Trans Support said.

“We know 71% of trans individuals live in poverty, despite a higher level of education, because of under employment due to their trans identity,” Carver said.

“Partnering with an organization like South Essex Community Council, with a proven track record of providing employment supports to marginalized populations, we can provide real opportunities to our clients.”

The South Essex Community Council is located at 215 Talbot Street East in Leamington.

“The South Essex Community Council is excited to partner with W. E. Trans Support as we know that transportation to access services in Windsor can often be a barrier to so many residents living in the county,” Carolyn Warkentin, Executive Director of SECC said.

“It also allows the SECC to work closely in partnership with W.E. Trans Support to provide more inclusive and affirming services to our clients and families in our community.”