There may be a new sculpture along Windsor's waterfront.

The Admadiyya Muslim community will make a presentation to City Council next week to erect a colourful art piece in the sculpture garden.

It’s called “Love for all, Hatred for none.” It has two pieces. The base has four hands with different skin tones holding up the earth, made in a reflective globe, with a message of peace.

The sculpture is meant to celebrate 50 years in Canada.

But group member Zoia Tahir tells CTV Windsor the art piece is also their way of saying thank you to the community for their inclusiveness.

Tahir says “we’ve never had a problem, and always had a good relationship in Windsor.”

Tahir hopes the sculpture will become a conversation piece, one that celebrates diversity and opens dialogue to remove the negative stigmas about the Muslim community.

The Windsor Islamic Council is also asking local residents to sign a petition.

It calls on the federal government to formally state that terrorist groups, like I-SIS, do not represent Islam.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures to be considered by the Liberal government in the House of Commons.