Traffic will move onto a new permanent section of Highway 3 as part of construction for the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway.

The three kilometre section between Howard Avenue and Huron Church Line is expected to be open by Wednesday.

Parkway officials say the traffic shift marks a significant achievement in the construction of the Parkway as traffic will now travel on several permanent Parkway features.

Bridges 10, west of St. Clair College and 11, west of Howard Avenue, and the southern branch of the Hearthwood Tunnel are also complete.

The former alignment of Sandwich West Parkway will now reopen and Diversion 11, west of Geraedts Drive, will help traffic in and out of St. Clair College.

Four lanes of traffic must be maintained through the Highway 3 and Huron Church Road corridor at all times, with limited exceptions during the overnight hours.

The Geraedts Tunnel, the Cousineau Tunnel and the other side of the Hearthwood Tunnel can now be constructed.

Once the parkway is completed, this section of road will carry local traffic from Howard Avenue, Highway 3 traffic from Essex County through the roundabout and local traffic exiting Highway 401 east of Howard Avenue.