A new report shows the Erie-St. Clair region has an above average incident rates of lung, prostate and female breast cancer and below average incidents of colorectal cancer.  

The latest Cancer System Quality Index was released Wednesday by the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario. 

The report also suggests the region:

-Has above average risk factors for cancer.  Individuals are more likely to smoke and consume more than the recommended amount of alcohol, they are also more likely to be obese and less likely to eat vegetables or exercise.

· Has below average rates of screening for most cancers. 

· Has one of the quickest wait times for patient pathology results.  This allows a quicker start to their care plans and treatments.

· Has above average scores for most areas related to patient satisfaction with their experience. 

The CSQI measures 39 indicators from screening to end-of-life care and survivorship. 

The results are reported by region and allow Cancer Care Ontario and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to track and assess the quality and consistency of the cancer system in Ontario and identify areas that need improvement.   

“Having access to this kind of data allows us to make meaningful change,” says Monica Staley Liang, regional vice president of the Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program.   “This year’s report shows a number of improvements in our system and it also shows us where we need to direct our attention as we go forward to improve the experience and outcomes for our patients.”

Staley Liang says the information in the report is used to help improve the system and the experience for patients. 

“One of the things this year’s report showed was that our patients feel we are not doing enough to respond to their worries, and feelings of sadness,” said Staley Liang.