A new police unit targeting downtown Windsor is already making a dent in crime, according to city police.

The Windsor Police Service reports the Problem Oriented Policing Unit – also known as the POP Unit -- made 82 arrests resulting in 125 charges during the month of October.

Deputy police chief Brad Hill tells CTV Windsor there were 308 actions between police and members of the public during that period of time.

"We are finding that it has been extremely effective and we are having great success with the limited resources that we are currently using," says Hill.

Officers in that unit have been transferred from other beats, until 12 new cops are hired to fill those positions.

Hill adds Windsor police are also scooping up people with warrants in other jurisdictions, and they have already shipped eight people back to their communities to face the law.

“The idea is so that people don't think they can hide in our jurisdiction and avoid their criminal charges in other jurisdictions,” says Hill. “But it has been very effective and it's sent a message that if you're hiding here, we will find you and you'll be sent back."

Chief Al Frederick hopes the first 12 officers will hit city streets by the middle of 2019.

The police service will present a budget to Windsor council in January, requesting a 6.4 per cent increase from $83-million annually, to $89.2-million.

The majority of the increase will cover the costs to hire the additional officers.

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association has also hired international crime expert Peter Bellmio to examine the drugs and homeless issue in the core.

Frederick says a senior officer will review the recommendations.