As CTV Windsor first reported on Friday, the General Motors transmission plant in Walkerville has been sold, now CTV has learned the name of the company who purchased the facility.

According to Ward 4 councillor Alan Halberstadt, Orchard Heights in the name of the group that plans to remove what GM left behind. CTV Windsor spoke with Halberstadt moments after meeting and touring the plant with officials from Jones Group.

“When they see demo signs, they think maybe they’ll be taking a wrecking ball to it. That’s not that case,” he says.

Halberstadt set up the meeting with Jones Group after receiving calls from concerned residents who noticed signs popping up around the plant.

“The proponent is looking to maintain some parts of the building (and) demolish other parts,” Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis says.

Francis says he knows who purchased the company, but wouldn’t confirm its Orchard Heights.

“The proponent is from the Chatham-Windsor-Essex area,” he says.

While Halberstadt says Orchard Heights is from London, CTV Windsor has learned the company is owned by Don Tetrault of Chatham.

CTV reached out to Tetrault for comment but was told he is out of the country until Thursday.

No one from Jones Demolition, General Motors, or the real estate company that sold the property was willing to provide comment on the story.

The former transmission plant has been closed since 2010, when GM shutdown the facility.