WINDSOR, ONT. -- "My shoes are like blue, pink and black and it’s my favourite colours. I’m really excited for it," says Michelle Ihedioha.

9-year-old Michelle Ihedioha is one of ninety kids getting a new pair of running shoes.

"Some of my shoes are small for me and it’s hard to do stuff, but this one fits perfectly and I thinks it’s better and I’ll be able to run faster," says Ihedioha.

"I’m so excited. It means a lot to me and my girl also because I could see the excitement on her face," says Michelle’s mother, Ifeoma Ihedioha.

As a single mother of six girls, Ifeoma Ihedioha says she’s fallen on hard times.

"A pair of shoes would cost like $70 to $100, that’s like a whole day pay and I’m being given to my daughter for recognizing her as a black girl. So I feel so happy," says Ihedioha.

"There’s a high drop out rate for girls especially this age in sport. So we are passionate about keeping young girls in sport,” says Kurt Downes, Head Coach of Border City Athletics Club. 

The running shoe giveaway is part of Border City Athletics Club’s 'Girls Can' program. This year organizers are focusing on giving to young black girls between nine and fourteen years old.

"A lot of times they are overshadowed more so then some of the other groups and we have a very strong group of young black girls in the Windsor-Essex community that may not get opportunity to participate in sport," says Downes.

Downes hopes the new kicks will bring the girls a greater sense of empowerment.

"Being able to give them something simple like a pair of shoes and an opportunity to be involved, it might prove to be something that’s life changing for them," says Downes.