Windsor Regional Hospital has introduced new CinemaVision googles to help children remain calm during a noisy MRI scan.

The new technology now allows a young patient to use the new CinemaVision MRI video from Resonance Technology.

“The goggles assist the young patient who may be anxious about an MRI exam to be distracted and relaxed and as important, with use of the goggles, the patient requires less sedation,” says Dr. Dan Gill, lead MRI physician.

The goggles accompanied with MRI safe headphones, immerse children in a movie of their choice during the scan.

It also permits the technologists to obtain images without motion that lead to more accurate imaging results, without the use of sedation or anesthesia.

The MRI goggles produce a video image similar to what a person would experience from a five-foot display set while standing ten feet away. The image will appear as it is being projected from a distance to prevent any feelings of claustrophobia.

Children can watch a pre-selected video or bring a favorite DVD from home.

The MRI technologist can communicate via a microphone with the child and also project a video image of him in the goggles so the child can see who is talking. 

The goggles reduce the need to sedate children younger than seven years old during MRI exams by 35 percent, according to a study in Applied Radiology.

The technology will also be ade available to adults who may suffer from claustrophobia during MRI examinations.