Shovels are set to hit the ground this fall for a new condominium in Windsor's east end.

With a price tag of $10-million, a two acre piece of land will soon turn into the Rivertown Terrace Condominiums.

"This land was chosen because the need is here in Riverside," says Ida Sproule with Valente Development Corporation.

"We are selling to the age group that no longer wants stairs, to shovel the snow, and grass cutting," she adds.

The building will feature 50 condos and 6 townhouses.

Prices range from $115,000 to $190,000.

Residents also have the option to lease starting at $1100 per month.

"Some of them aren't ready to go into a nursing home and they don't want to give up their independence," says Brenda Hawten, also with Valente.

"These people want to lock the door and go to Florida in the wintertime," she adds.

Valente says it is aiming to sell or lease to residents who already live in the area, targeting current residents like Eileen Stuart.

"Oh I love Riverside, it's beautiful. it's like a small town village," says Stuart.

Valente went to the city for a tax break, however, the city turned down the request.

Regardless, Valente is keen on making this investment because of location.

"Shopping plazas, grocery stores, banks, all within walking distance," says Sproule.