There are new charges to be laid against Kingsville's former fire chief.

Bob Kissner turned himself into the OPP in Leamington on Friday, March 1, 2019 and was re-released on similar bail conditions.

His lawyer, Ken Marley tells CTV News "its a new complainant who is making accusations against him and it will require a whole separate legal proceeding beginning on the tenth of April."

"Its like deja vu all over again," adds Marley, saying Kissner is discouraged and frustrated by the new charges, which have not been formally laid.

Kissner is currently awaiting a verdict from Superior Court Judge Pamela Hebner after his trial on 17 sex-related offences ended back in February. That verdict is expected to be handed down on April 16. 

Marley says "the original set of charges started out as one complainant and then snow-balled into eight."

"For the longest time we have been hopeful that thats the end of it, right? That this would be the end," adds Marley. 

Now Kissner will be formally charged on April 10 although Marley does not know what the charges will be.

Marley tells CTV Windsor he only knows the complainants name, but has never met the person.

"The timing of this is unfortunate, for everybody," says Marley. "Not just for the complainants, who claim to have lived with this for all these years. It's for the accused; for the lawyers involved; for the police involved."