A new $24-million facility will supply clean drinking water to residents of Windsor, LaSalle and Tecumseh.

Just weeks before from being filled, members of the media received an underground tour Monday on the city's new reservoir.

"There's about 75 columns and eight thousand cubic meters of concrete, that’s around 1000 truckloads of concrete," says Nobert Poggio, director of water engineering at Enwin.

"The reservoir is basically a big concrete storage box that holds potable water," adds Poggio.

The new secondary reservoir at the corner of Wyandotte and George Avenue will store 35-million litres of clean drinking water.

The new project is to refurbish the existing single reservoir across the street.

“That's a 68-megalitre facility,” says EnWin's vice president of water operations Garry Rossi. “It was built in the 1960s so really if there was anything to happen, we would have difficulty supplying water to resident in Windsor and surrounding areas."

The new reservoir is expected to be in service by July.