It’s opening day at the brand new, $10-million YMCA in Windsor.

The 40,000 square-foot facility is now open at Central Park Athletics after a move from the downtown core.

General Manager Andy Sullivan admits the opening is “almost surreal” after 14 months of work.

Sullivan has been overseeing everything from the equipment purchase to the construction, as the project created 75 jobs.

Resident John Thorpe says he likes what he sees, and it doesn’t compare with the old Y.

Thorpe says “this is all new and it’s really well laid out.

The new "Y" has a pool, and a large gym. Both need more work before they can be opened to the public.

But Sullivan hopes the new facility will increase membership.

He notes they have a new membership model and new programs – from fitness classes for adults to swim lessons, dance and karate for children.

Sullivan adds they offer financial assistance to any members because “they want to make sure there are no barriers for anybody to come visit the YMCA.”

The "Y" building downtown on Victoria Street will still be used for newcomer services.

A grand opening celebration for the new facility will be held in November.