WINDSOR, ONT. -- Many Windsor-Essex students and parents expressed nervous excitement as schools reopen this week for the first time since March as part of a staggered start due to COVID-19.

Parent Aleisha Sharpe described the first day of school as “nerve racking” after dropping her kids off at Roseland Public School Thursday morning.

“It’s a little different of a process,” said Sharpe. “I’m hoping that it goes well.”

Talbot Trail principal Mike Baker said the first morning went really well as he and staff welcomed about 300 students back.

“You always plan for the worst and hope for the best and we got the best today,” said Sharpe.

The first day was clouded with uncertainty for some students of the three major Windsor-Essex school boards.

Michaela Merenchin, a grade 11 student at E.J. Lajeunesse, said there was silence in the classroom during the first 15 minutes before the teacher arrived and broke the ice.

“I think over the time we’re in the class it’ll get better and it’ll get more comfortable,” said Merenchin.