The National Basketball League of Canada's Board of Governors has fined the Halifax Rainmen players and handed the coach a lifetime ban from coaching in the NBLC.

The fines total $90,000.

The board met Friday to get to the bottom of the incidents that led to Game 7 of the final being not being played.  

The league said in a statement “it takes this incident very seriously and they are working to address the matter to ensure it never happens in the future, and so that those who were responsible are held accountable.”  

“We sincerely apologize to the fans, partners, team owners, employees, players, and supporters of all of the teams in the league, and pledge to do our utmost to improve our league for the future,” said the release.   

Windsor's staff and players were at the arena and ready to play the game last night, and the Halifax team did not show up.

 Under the league's written forfeit rules, the Windsor Express are declared the winner of Game 7, and by thus winning the series 4-3, are declared the 2015 NBL Canada Champions.

 The board of governors have voted on and unanimously approved the following penalties be imposed on the Halifax team for its actions in not playing the game:

- $20,000.00 fine to be imposed on the Halifax Rainmen organization per league rules

- $10,000.00 fine to the Halifax head coach Josep Claros for conduct detrimental to the league and lifetime ban from coaching in the NBLC

- $5,000.00 fine to the Halifax assistant coach Pedro Monteiro for condruct detrimental to the league and lifetime ban from coaching in the NBLC

- $5,000.00 fine to players Chris Cayole, Clifford Clinkscales, Pedro Foster, Jermaine Dailey, Kevin Young, Seiya Ando, Liam McMorrow, Joel Haywood, Nigel Spikes, Forrest Fisher and Tyrone Watson for conduct detrimental to the league and indefinite suspension from the NBLC pending full investigation.

The board says Dave Magley has been appointed to conduct a full and thorough investigation of the incidents that occurred at the shootaround including physical altercations and any verbal threats. 

Once this secondary investigation has been completed and submitted to the board, there will be further disciplinary actions and fines issued by the league for guilty parties on either team, said the statement.