WINDSOR, ONT. -- Nature Fresh Farms is welcoming a new general manager for their new greenhouses in Mexico.

Robert Van Der Geest has been named GM for their Mexico team.

Nature Fresh Farms has financially invested in the operation of a 15-acre greenhouse with an additional 15 acres under construction, located in Central Mexico.Robert Van Der Geest

Van Der Geest has been brought on to lead their greenhouse operations and take on the role as General Manager of Nature Fresh Farms Mexico.

“One of the first things I’ve noticed about this company is the real team environment, which is a fantastic achievement for a company this large,” said Van Der Geest. “I’m looking forward to working with a team that is so innovative and constantly pursuing growth.”

Nature Fresh Farms said it has expanded operations into Mexico to be close to growing partners and augment their existing North American supply chain. Central Mexico’s favorable climate reinforces their ability to provide fresh produce 365 days of the year.

Originally from Holland, Van Der Geest first began his agricultural career in the cut flower industry. For five years Robert ran a cut flower project in Mexico and following his return to Holland he shifted to produce greenhouse growing, then in 2016, he moved back to Mexico to continue the management of greenhouses in the region.

Van Der Geest will be responsible for the initial set up of the facility and will take care of personnel and operational management to ensure the facility runs smoothly while helping to integrate the greenhouse with the rest of Nature Fresh Farms operations.

“With our new facilities in Mexico, we needed someone with an extensive understanding of the industry and familiarity of the region and Robert is a great fit,” said vice president John Ketler.