Ongoing NAFTA discussions was the focal point of this year's Labour Day parade and union officials say no NAFTA is better than a bad NAFTA.

Union officials along with local politicians all took part in this years parade which began at the union's town hall on Turner Road and wrapped up at the Fogular Club.

Monday's parade also included children's activities, food and drinks.

Unifor local 444 president David Cassidy says union workers also used the day to endorse their mayoral candidate for this year's municipal election.

That candidate is Matt Marchand as Cassidy says it's important for labour workers to have an open door policy with city hall.

Marchand is the former president and CEO of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce and is running against current mayor Drew Dilkens as well as Frank Dyck, Tom Hensel and Ernie Lamont.

The other key issue addressed was NAFTA.

MP for Essex Tracey Ramsey says a fair deal needs to be agreed upon between Canada and the U.S., even if it takes a little longer to get done.

"The U.S. Is certainly going in a different direction when it comes to protecting the environment we need to protect where we need to go here in Canada and we need to stand up for working people. And on Labour Day there's no better message than to reinforce that trade agreements have left working people behind and that can't continue to be the case," she said.