The father of a murdered unborn child is trying to increase awareness for the Unborn Victims of Crime Act.

Jeff Durham is fighting for changes to Bill C-484 after Cassandra Kaake was murdered in her Benjamin Avenue home on Dec. 11. She was seven months pregnant.

“I want to draw attention to this important issue, but I’m sure you can imagine, it is a very emotional and unsure time for me and everyone involved,” said Durham, in a written response to CTV Windsor. “Cassie and Molly were very much real and loved and deserve justice.”

Durham also wrote a letter to feminists and women’s rights advocates on Feb. 23, and posted it on his Facebook page. He said he’s fighting for his unborn daughter, who was going to be named Molly.

“On the morning I was told they were dead - and had been murdered - my life fell apart,” he wrote.

“It has come to my realization that the person accused of the murder of Cassie and Molly will only be charge for Cassie’s death.”

Matthew Brush, 26, of LaSalle, has been charged with first degree murder in connection with Kaake’s death.

Durham told CTV Windsor he is “left to wonder how it is that we should be asked to parade our tragedy through the mud of the political arena to get this blatant flaw acknowledged by our country.”

“Our families are in mourning, and deep unimaginable grief,” Durham said. “Not for one life, but two. If the powers that be can’t see the injustice here, then their eyes are closed. And if they don’t take steps to correct it, they are failing to act on the mood and temper of the public in regard to the treatment of crime in Canada.”

He questions how they can be left to plead and fight for a justice that properly represents their loss. He says he thinks that Bill C-484 is a solution.

“If a consensus can’t be met for that bill, then the wording needs to be changed. And if somehow that can’t be done, we need to find another way. We can’t leave this gaping hole in our justice system for others to fall into. This is Canada and we should be able to expect protection and justice from our laws.

On Feb. 14, Durham wrote an open letter to Essex MP Jeff Watson. 

“I write to you and plead for your support in the Unborn Victims of Crime Act which is desperately needed in Canada,” Durham wrote to Watson. “My nightmare has revealed a flaw in our country's law. I look to my elected officials for guidance and support in correcting this flaw.”

Over 7,000 people have signed a petition urging members of parliament to called Molly Matters: Reconsider and Pass Bill C-484

Watson responded to the letter on Feb. 24. Watson says he applauds Durham's efforts to resurrect the act that he supported the bill in 2008.

He says changing the law will take more than just signing the petition.Watson says those who grieve the death of the unborn child must “forge a strong consensus of Canadians - in all regions of the country - to demand justice for Molly.”