It's been a difficult year for a Leamington family after losing a beloved father, brother and husband.

Dean Tiessen was on business in Brazil last December when he was killed during an attempted robbery - a case that is still unsolved.

Tiessen’s legacy and memory is being kept alive by those who loved him most.

“There have been many, many emotions that have come through the surface in the last year," says his brother Jason Tiessen.

As the anniversary of his death approaches on Dec.7, Jason Tiessen remembers his brother as an innovator in the agri-sector, a dedicated father and a loving big brother.

"As a brother, he was just fantastic,” says Jason Tiessen. “He showed me a lot of things growing up. He was very passionate about his work. He was a visionary… (he) was very passionate about being a father. Family was probably at the top of his list."

The father of four was shot and killed during an attempted robbery while on a business trip in Brazil. His family is still grieving the loss.

While Jason Tiessen says the tragedy left a hole that can never be filled, he says he sees a lot of his brother in his nieces and nephews.

The brothers ran their company New Energy Farms together. Now Jason Tiessen is continuing to push forward with the technology Dean worked so hard to create.

“To the Tiessen family it's very important to carry on with his legacy and continue to do what he was striving for," says Jason Tiessen.