More details are emerging about the individuals involved in the weekend downtown Windsor stabbing that left one man dead.

Dwayne Nicholas Pierce, 22, remains in custody facing a charge of first degree murder, while Kevin Kugathasan's mother speaks out about the loss of her son.

For many hours Wednesday, police officers monitored a stretch of row houses in the 400 block of McDougall Avenue.

Sources tell CTV News that officers are waiting for a warrant to enter a home where neighbours say the accused lives with his mother and brother.

Pierce was arrested at home without incident on Monday night. Neighbours say as many as 75 people stood around, watching.

Police told them Pierce was arrested for drug related charges. They were shocked to learn about his alleged involvement in Saturday's stabbing.

Police say six people were stabbed during a fight between two groups of men at University Avenue and Pelissier Street around 2 a.m. Saturday. Kugathasan, 19, died of his injuries.

His mother was shocked to learn about her son's involvement in the fight.

“I was surpised,” Pricilla Kugathasan told CTV News in a phone interview from her home in Scarborough. “It was a shock because Kevin is not that kind of a person. He loved everybody, I don't see him as an enemy. I never raised him as that kind of person.”

Four weapons have been recovered. So far, police have arrested three people in relation to the stabbing, including Pierce, who is charged with first-degree murder.

“It’s a stressful situation for anyone,” says defence lawyer Maria Carroccia. “He's handling it well. We're early in process.”

Carroccia says Pierce has a clean record. Like police, she says this will be a complicated case because of the number of people involved and the extent of all the injuries.

“So it may not just be Mr. Pierce charged with this offence in the end. We don't know that yet,” says Pierce.

Meanwhile, the victim's mother is remembering her son as a kind and caring person, not a mean individual, as she fears some may think given the nature of the incident.

“I know who my son is and my friends do too and I'm not bothered by other people and what they say,” says Pricilla Kugathasan.

Despite her grief, Pricilla Kugathasan forgives the person responsible for her son's death. She thinks he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but she believes everything happens for a reason and says he's in a good place now.

As for the accused, Pierce will make another court appearance next week. His lawyer says he's entitled to apply for bail and that's an option her client is exploring.