A mother and daughter remain in serious condition after being stuck by a car in the city's west end.

Police say the collision occurred at 10:30 Sunday morning.

They believe the driver made a right hand turn from Elliot Street to Victoria Avenue at a high rate of speed, where he failed to stop at this stop sign.

The driver then drove through a wrought iron fence, striking two pedestrians.

"The pedestrians were flown from where they were standing on the sidewalk to the driveway. One was pinned under the car, the other was next to the vehicle," says Sgt Anne Hall.

"A lot of screaming, he was going very fast. It wasn't a good sight to see," says Tony Garcia who witnessed the collision.

"I heard a smash and then what sounded like a young girl screaming like she was in trauma," according to Charles Yeazel lives across the street.

Two men inside the car fled the scene and then returned.

They were arrested and now face charges of dangerous driving.