Most of the dogs seized from an alleged dog fighting ring in Tilbury in 2015 are ready for adoption.

After authorities seized 31 dogs in 2015, seven were deemed good candidates for rehabilitation. 11 puppies were also born while in the care of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and were immediately socialized.

Three of the pit-bull breeds from the original group died. The remaining 21 dogs were deemed dangerous since they were born and bred to fight and kill other dogs for alleged, illegal gambling. Euthanasia was recommended.

But the group Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in King City, north of Toronto, launched “Save the 21” campaign for a second assessment, which got the attention of different celebrities.

After that assessment, an agreement was reached to send the dogs to Florida in August, where they've been undergoing reconditioning.

Dog Tales spokesperson Rob Scheinberg tells CTV News the training has been successful and the dogs have been socialized by handlers and helper dogs.

The animal cruelty case against two suspects, John Robert and Michael Gagnon, remains before the courts.