There is more support for a group that opposes the location of the new acute care hospital in Windsor.

The Via Italia Business Improvement Area has made a $2,500 donation to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal appeal, affirming its support for the group Citizens for an Accountable Mega-Hospital Planning Process.

"The proposed closure of 2 hospitals in our area will have a direct and deeply negative impact on our BIA, the 100+ businesses we represent, and the surrounding neighbourhoods", said Pietro DiPonio, spokesperson for Via Italia. "Restaurants, bakeries, specialty merchants, hair salons, law firms, drug stores, flower shops and many other businesses located on Erie St E will lose a significant and regular customer base if the relocation does happen, to the detriment of the community's social and economic vitality."

The Via Italia BIA district runs along Erie Street East from Mercer Street to Lincoln Avenue, with its western boundary just 350 metres from the Ouellette Campus and the thousands who work and visit the Windsor Regional Hospital every day.

The LPAT has ruled the challenge by CAMPP will proceed to a full oral hearing.

The challenge looks to overturn a necessary zoning approval from the City of Windsor that cleared the way for the new $2 billion single-site acute care hospital to be built on land at County Road 42 and Concession 9, near the airport.

Windsor’s council changed its Official Plan in August 2018 and re-zoned 400 hectares to make way for residential and business development in the area of the proposed hospital.

The appeal by CAMPP has also received $5,000 from the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association and $5,000 from local couple Frank and Saralee O’Reilly.

A GoFundMe page is also set up by CAMPP and more than $53,000 has been raised. The goal is $100,000.

CAMPP leaders stress their support for a new hospital, but are not satisfied with the chosen location.