WINDSOR, ONT. -- As the province’s back to school plans remain up in the air, homeschooling organization WE Homeschool-Windsor-Essex County says they’ve seen an increase in parents inquiring about permanent homeschooling options.

“Especially since COVID started, a lot of people have been sending us messages saying I don’t want to send my kids to school, so what do I do now,” says director Stephanie Pouget.

According to a Facebook survey done by WE Homeschool, the top reasons why parents are considering homeschooling this September is concerns around COVID-19 spread, followed by their child not complying with the new rules and third a lack of childcare options if school isn’t full time.

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Pouget points out homeschooling is much different than the school boards’ virtual classes because of its personalized learning and flexibility.

“I love the fact that they can plan and organize their day,” says Amy Howsen, a mother of four who homeschools her two younger kids.

“My younger two kids are more organized in some areas of their life that my two older kids didn’t master until college,” she said. “It’s great to see that maturity.”

Howsen wants parents who are hesitant on embodying the teacher role to know there are a plethora of resources.

“You get books that help you teach. I would spend usually 30 to 45 minutes reviewing what I’m teaching the next day.”

Resources for homeschooling in Windsor-Essex can be found on the WE Homeschool website.