Some routine traffic stops Thursday left a number of Windsor area motorists feeling somewhat surprised and confused.

It wasn't police, but Ministry of Environment officers pulling them over and issuing tickets.

Earl Mousseau was surprised when he was pulled over.

“I know they pull big trucks over for safety, but I didn't know they could pull my truck over,” he says.

Working under a special compliance branch of the MOE, a team of inspectors out of Toronto are in Windsor targeting polluting vehicles.

“We’re looking for vehicles that could be missing emission components or visible emissions coming out of tailpipes,” says inspector Andrew Rahal.

Inspectors say sometimes they pull up behind vehicles and can tell there’s going to be an issue just from the odour.

Their job is to enforce the drive clean program and to ensure vehicles aren't emitting a high level of pollution. They're making sure all of the exhaust parts are on and functioning properly.

The inspectors have no Highway Traffic Act powers, but under the Environmental Protection Act, they do have the authority to stop vehicles and inspect them.

In the Mousseau’s case, emission components were up to standard. He questions why he was pulled over in the first place.

“There's nothing wrong with it,” says Mousseau. “I don't know how they could pull me over. I’m very bothered. Big surprise.”

Many inspectors are licensed mechanics. They travel all across the province to do their job.