WINDSOR -- Lakeshore council is asking the Ministry of Environment to investigate a hum heard in the town.

Coun. Steven Wilder says he's been inundated with calls from residents from as far away as Leamington reporting the noise as well.

He says he's most concerned about any potential health impacts. "If we can identify the source, that would be great, but the impacts, that's the big concern.”

Wilder says it's important to keep the conversation going.

"Just by bringing it up at the last meeting I had a number of people that contacted me and said, ‘I hear it too,’ or ‘I hear this, this time, this area, this day,’ he says.

"So I think it gets the discussion going and potentially can help starting to get some further information brought forward and maybe we can further it with having the government look into it as well."

Wilder says some residents started hearing the hum as early as 2016, but the intensity seems to have picked up recently.

Many feel it originates from Zug Island, but the source has never been confirmed.