The F-2 tornado that hit Windsor this summer has cost the city more than $178,000, and the cleanup continues.

The storm first hit the town of LaSalle before a second twister touched down in Windsor on August 24.

City staff compiled a report to see whether Windsor would be eligible to apply for relief from the Ontario Disaster Recovery Assistance Program for costs not covered by insurance.

City Treasurer Joe Mancina says the preliminary cost is estimated at $178,000, which is well below the provincial threshold.

That amount covers costs from several departments, including Parks and Recreation, Traffic and the Fire Department.

Mancina tells CTV News the biggest cost was damage to the roof and solar tops at Transit Windsor, which totalled $2-million. But that was covered by the City’s insurance.

Macina adds there is still more work to do, almost three months after the storm.

He says they have to replace traffic signs at EC Row and Central, as well as remove and replace damaged trees.

Enwin Utilities is also tallying the cost of the F2 tornado.

CEO Helda Reidal tells CTV Windsor they just completed their last pole replacement from the storm this week.

Enwin’s current estimate from tornado damage is $335,000, but Reidal expects that number will rise.

CTV News also contacted officials in LaSalle. Staff say they have not totaled the storm damage and do not plan to in the future.