WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Windsor-based engineering and technology has used their innovation to create a body temperature monitoring system to help the economy reopen safely.

Vista Solutions’ forte is utilizing smart digital cameras to meet manufacturing needs.

“We give eyes to robots, eyes to machines. We program them to make intelligent decisions,” says co-owner Mike Sirizzotti.

Prior to the pandemic, the company serviced many international clients. Like many businesses, their sales and projects are on pause. The team decided to put their brains together to invent what they call an Elevated Skin Temperature Monitoring System.

“We looked at the problem and said, what’s the best way and most reliable way, to measure someone’s skin temperature?”

They discovered the solution is thermal cameras. Once in front of the camera, it takes about 30 measurements of the face. Then an average temperature is calculated to determine if how safe it is for the individual to enter a building or space.

“The area of interest is the eyes, sinus, tear duct. By all accounts this the most accurate spot to try and measure skin temperature with a thermal camera.”

Sirizzotti says the automatic and contactless nature of the machine has attracted interested from many industries, such as auto plants and hospitals.

“It’s for anyone. This could be in an airport, government agency, a school board.”

As for what the new normal will actually look like after the pandemic, that’s the million-dollar question Vista Solutions is trying to solve.

“It’s going to be a question that everyone’s going to try and answer here,” says Sirizzotti.