The City of Windsor is considering new traffic calming measures to slow down motorists.

The city's Environment, Transportation & Public Safety Standing Committee received a report Wednesday on the number of speed complaints.

Ward 8 councillor Gary Kashak says speeding on residential roads is a constant concern.

"This is a six out of seven days either a phone call or email that they're going too fast here and rolling through stop signs here and how come there aren't enough speed limit signs here and how come we can't get some speed bumps on certain streets," says Kashak.

Administration report staff has received about 300 complaints since the city's current traffic calming policy was approved in 2015.

"I'm looking for some speed humps in different areas of my ward and different areas of the city," says Kashak. "I think that's going to slow traffic down. Public safety is important."

Many residents say they would welcome any measures to reduce the speed on side streets.

"Speed bumps I think are a great idea," says resident Claudia McArthur. "It certainly does slow traffic down. Sometimes it can be a pain but you know what? People's lives are at risk."

The committee has asked city staff to study traffic measures in Ottawa, after new initiatives were approved in the nation's capital last spring.

A report will be presented to city council for debate.