Two Windsor area women are back home after attending the same country music concert in Las Vegas that was the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Valerie Whitney, 37, and her cousin Sarah Batal, 35, spoke exclusively with CTV Windsor about the harrowing experience.

Sarah Batal says she will never forget the sounds of gunshots.

“Pop, Pop, Pop. One after another,” remembers Batal. “We just all dropped to the floor. We didn't know what to do. We didn't know to run or where to go.”

“We heard people say we got to get up, we got to go” says Whitney. “Sarah's like we got to go. We both got up and started running.”

Three women from Alberta and a B.C. man are among the 58 people killed in Sunday night’s shooting in Las Vegas, CTV News has confirmed. At least seven other Canadians were wounded.

Batal admits she didn’t think they were going to survive the shooting.

“I kept telling my cousin I loved her because I thought that was really it,” she says. “And then I called my husband when we were hiding under the trailer to say goodbye to him. Tell him, I love our boys.”

Sarah’s husband Dean Batal tells CTV Windsor he didn’t know what was happening when he took his wife’s phone call.

“I pick up the phone. All I hear is chaos,” says Batal, who remembers the conversation vividly. “Dean I love you. Tell the boys I love them. We're being attacked and taking cover.”

The cousins say they ran to a vehicle with a wounded passenger and made their way to the nearest hospital.

They flew home early Tuesday morning and arrived to an emotional reunion with family members.

Both women say they have a new outlook on life after the experience. In fact, both say they will think long and hard before attending another concert or public event.