CHATHAM, Ont. -- Testimony continued Tuesday in the Pelee Island plane crash civil lawsuit.

The estate of Bob Brisco and his brother Paul are suing several defendants including Georgian Express Limited and the Owen Sound Transportation Company for aggravated and punitive damages.

Georgian express Flight 126 crashed into Lake Erie on Jan. 17, 2004.

David Dawson was trying to get on that flight back to Windsor for a family emergency, but it was sold out.

On Tuesday, he told the jury in the civil lawsuit that visibility was diminishing and by mid-afternoon he believed the range of vision was "less than 200 feet.”

Dawson told the jury when he heard the plane leave, it was much louder than normal.

Evelyn Matte has been living on Pelee Island for 21 years and spent 20 of them working for the Owen Sound Transportation Company, one of the defendants in the lawsuit.

Matte was at the airport to pick up a parcel and to help her friend, Donna Olson, who sold tickets at the Pelee Airport.

Matte told the court she could see ice building on the airport fencing.

Matte testified she saw Georgina Foster-Haig shortly after the plane arrived on Pelee Island that Saturday afternoon.

Foster-Haig is a minister who was there on the island to perform a service. Matte described her state to the court by saying quote un-quote, "her face was white. She was scared.”

Matte also told the jury she saw ice on the cone of a propeller, strut and wing.

She testified seeing pilot Wayne Price in the airport check-in building on the phone and heard him say, "Well, we gotta.” The plane took off shortly thereafter.

Matte told the jury she didn't see the accident, but she did hear about it within five to seven minutes because of the proximity of her home to the airport.

During opening statements, the jury heard Olson's health has changed and she took notes during the days following the crash to help investigators and so she would never forget.

Olson may take the stand on Wednesday.