A LaSalle man pleaded guilty to second degree murder related to the death of Cassandra Kaake.

Matthew Brush was charged with first degree murder of Kaake, 31, who died in her home on Dec. 11, 2014. Kaake was seven months pregnant at the time.

On the second count, intentional cause damage by fire, Brush also pleaded guilty.

The judge said in court "my decision is only on how long to delay your application for parole" in the range of 10-25 years.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled to start on Jan. 23, 2017. They expect it will take five to seven days.

The family and friends of Kaake were in court on Monday as he entered the plea, as were Brush's parents and Windsor police detectives who led the investigation.

Police say the fire at the duplex on Benjamin Avenue where she was living was intentionally set.

Officials say Kaake's death was a result of blood loss due to severe trauma to her body.