Students at E.J. Lajeunesse high school in Windsor have set up 1,500 hundred wooden crosses in honour of Remembrance Day.

The display is done each year at Dougall Avenue and E.C. Row.

The crosses were built four years ago by auto shop students and have been put on display ever since, to get people to think about the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice.

“People honk and we say hi and thank you and even the trains honk sometimes” says one student. “It's nice to know that they care too."

Daniel Labbé, a technology teacher at E.J. Lajeunesse, says they do it to remind students and residents what Remembrance Day is all about.

“There was a lot of Canadian blood shed overseas to liberate, to give us the freedom that we have these days" says Labbé.

The school's Remembrance Day ceremony takes place on Friday.