WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Greater Essex Country District School Board now has a plan, should a COVID-19 outbreak occur in one of its schools.

According to its back to school plan, anyone in the school who exhibits the symptoms of COVID-19 must follow a list of procedures, that includes immediately directing the individual to an isolation room.

Designated staff will assist the person, and call 911 should it be an emergency.

The principal will then contact the local health unit, and parents to pick up their child.

If the ill person tests negative for COVID-19: The staff member or student can return to school once they are symptom-free for 24 hours.

Medical documentation needs to be provided in order for the student or staff member to return to school.

If the person tests positive, School staff is to fully cooperate with the WECHU in contact tracing procedures.

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit will then assess potential exposures within 14 days prior to symptom onset and will determine potential transmission among close contacts.

A full layout of the plan can be found the school board's website.