Members of the Provincial Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy in Windsor arrested two people and seized drugs and a loaded gun.

Police acted on an investigation involving people they say were actively dealing drugs in the city. At about 7:15 p.m. Friday, members of the Emergency Services Unit found the vehicle near Church Street and University Avenue.

Two parties were placed under arrest as they exited the vehicle. A loaded Ruger P95 9mm semi-automatic pistol was recovered from the waistband of one man and a quantity of drugs was also recovered from both.

Officers seized a loaded Ruger P95 9mm handgun, 3.89grams of crack cocaine, 8.19grams of methamphetamine, four fentanyl patches, 3.5grams of cocaine.

Police say the total value of drugs seized was $2,495.

Jason Sulatycki, 36, from Windsor, is charged with possessing a restricted or prohibited firearm without holding a license, possession of cocaine for trafficking, possession of methamphetamine for trafficking and possession of fentanyl for trafficking, and possession of a restricted weapon while prohibited.

Dylan Lafreniere, 22, from Windsor, is charged with possession of cocaine.