Door-to-door mail delivery for some residents in Lakeshore, Tecumseh and Windsor will cease in roughly one year, according to Canada Post.

The postal service informed local employees that door-to-door delivery will stop in fall of 2015 for residents living in three area postal codes. These addresses will transfer to community mailboxes as part of Canada Post’s five-point action plan.

The affected postal codes start with N8N, N9P and N9K. This translates to 672 homes in Lakeshore, 4,358 in Tecumseh, and 427 in Windsor.

 A Canada Post spokesperson says households will start receiving information packages with a mail-in survey in the coming days. The package will contain information on how to set preferences for this new delivery method.

The postal service says no full-time or part-time employees will lose their job as a result of these changes.